Goa is India’s smallest state , it is located on the west coast of india in the region known as Konkan . Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for 450 years till it was liberated from the portuguese to form a part of india on 19th december 1961. Goa is the ultimate holiday destination if you want to go on a cool vacation within India. Be it friends, family or kids – you see it you love it! The best time to visit it is from November – March. Time your visit to attend the annual Sunburn festival, which takes place during December.
With the maximum number of contrasts in the smallest geographical area of just over 3700 square kilometres, Goa deserves a new face. A new identity that carries within it a sense of contrasts. That’s why an ambigram: a form whose elements retain meaning when viewed from different directions. That’s why a line that hints at contrasts. With a Konkani word ‘Kenna’ that means “Sometimes”.Here, you can sometimes be a serene yoga practitioner, sometimes a frenzied dancer.

Explore the many sides of Goa… and yourself.

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