Silvassa:- Silvassa, the capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, is a sylvan paradise that derives the name “Silvassa” from the Portuguese word “silva”, which means wood. Silvassa is a place of spectacular beauty – it is surrounded by nature and there is a rare purity in the air of Silvassa. For lovers of history, travel to Silvassa to see the century-old church of Our Lady of Piety and the ruins of the Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple at Bindrabin. The Tribal Museum, in Silvassa, gives a realistic feel of local culture through a collection of masks, musical instruments, traditional jewelry and hunting tools … and you can even shop for souvenirs like Warli paintings, bamboo crafts and palm leaf mats handmade by the tribals. At Hirwa Van Garden (named after a tribal deity) at Piparia, nature has been allowed to find its own course … the sprawling park is full of roaring waterfalls, sweeping flower fields and cosy niches.

Dadra:- The Vanganga Lake and Island Garden Dadra, is a 5 km travel from Silvassa, and is a lush green garden with quaint wooden bridges, thatched huts, paddle boats and jogging paths. It is a sought-after location for Bollywood, to film song sequences. It has ticketed entry.

Dudhni:- Dudhni, located 40 kms from Silvassa and 20 kms from Khanvel, is an aquaserene tourist resort, and ideal to explore water sports. It has a large water front of the Damanganga River with a variety of water sports equipment, like jet skis, speed boats and shikaras. The accommodation in cottages is a sought after retreat for city dwellers. The restaurant serves delicious sea food, as is in restaurants of Silvassa

Luhari:- Luhari, 14 km from Silvassa, is for visitors looking for an absolutely relaxed break close to Mother Nature. The resorts here have machan style cottages close to forested areas. For the adventurous, trekking trails and camps are organised in the surrounding woods and wildlife sanctuary – very close to Silvassa.

Khanvel:- Khanvel, 20 km south of Silvassa, is surrounded by lush green hills. The river Sakartod flows by, and in the forests you can spot flying foxes, fruit bats, flycatchers and barbets. The drive from Silvassa to Khanvel is a pleasant one, passing majestic trees and tribal villages.
You can get all your tourist information at Silvassa or the tourism department for Dadra and Nagar Haveli or Silvassa.

The Vanvihar Tourist Complex at Chauda offers every facility needed to convert the laziest person into a lover of the great outdoors. The complex has native style cottages, a cactus house and a deer park.

Satmalia :- On the way to Khanvel, Satmalia has a wildlife sanctuary with many species of antelope. Many other animals – including sambhar and chital deer, and black bucks – and a wide variety of birds – including the flameback woodpecker, peacocks, and thrushes – can be spotted. The machan (watch tower) near the water hole provides an incredibly panoramic view of the sanctuary and Madhuban Dam.

Vasona:- The famous Lion Safari at Vasona, spread over 20 hectares, is a huge attraction. Visitors are driven in vans that are fitted with net mesh screens to admire the lions in their natural habitat.

Kauncha:- Kauncha, 40 km south of Silvassa, is a tranquil place with tile roofed cottages. Trekkers love it … pitching a tent on the bank of the Madhuban Dam and gazing at the stars is the perfect way to end a day of adventure. Jet skies, rowing boats, kayaks and canoes are available for those who like water sports.

The Himai Van Health Resort issurrounded by tribal villages at the foothills of the Western Ghats.
For further tourist information contact the tourism department of Silvassa or Dadra and Nagar Haveli. They will provide you with a travel guide for all your travel needs in Silvassa and throughout the Union Territory. You can also get information about hotels, places to visit, tourist complexes, holiday themes or tours in Silvassa and also through Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

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